Case Studies

Grade II Listed Project, Purleigh

Stage 1

The initial visit involved gathering information, surveying and designing works in order to accurately inform architects and council applications.

This was particularly important because this was a grade II listed building within a conservation area, and it was therefore essential to make sure all approvals were in place whilst considering our client’s requests.

In this particular case, we needed to look at the infrastructure and to redesign and reconfigure both electrical supplies and drainage in order to accommodate changes in room usage and improvements in home comforts.

For example, a new wet room was created in a space previously housing the oil tank which required council permission to relocate outside. New waste and external soak aways also had to be created.

We also created a suspended floor with an underfloor heating system in a previously cold, damp room whilst maintaining the fabric of the flooring, which was protected as part of the listing.


As progress was made, we worked together with our client with regular scheduled meetings, as well as interim design process drawings shared through emails which informed the first and second fix. The benefit of having advanced design process drawings meant that an estimate of costs could be made before any architect was involved or council applications made.

An agreed job pack was then created which was used throughout the installation process.

Stage 2

First fix involved the prep stage following the plans created during the initial consultation stage. New drainage systems were created; existing electrical incoming supplies changed; new heating zones created; floors excavated and new plumbing installed, whilst maintaining utilities for our client. This was followed by building up floors; installing the next round of plumbing; electrics and carpentry to prepare the rooms ready for plastering. Once the plastering was done first fix was complete.

Stage 3

Second fix took us to the final stages and the conclusion of the job with the installation of radiators, all fixtures and fittings and painting and decorating. Quality control was carried out at this stage and any remedial work noted.

Stage 4

At the finishing stage all paperwork was completed and any remedial works carried out. The whole site was then cleared and a cleaning company employed to finish off to a high professional standard.

Stage 5

On completion of the job, all necessary warranties came into play and the RCM team were on hand for any queries or issues.

For further details regarding any of the above, please refer to RCM Contractors on our website.

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