Case Studies

The Links, Cold Norton

Stage 1 

This project was a little out of the ordinary, in such that our client had bought a property which was part of a 6 plot build, where the developer leaves the property as a shell and water tight.

RCM began talking to the client 10 months before we undertook the works. Using the BIMx model and a number of visits to their current property we went through the surveys for all the bathrooms, kitchen, utility room, heating, electrical and so on.

At different intervals, the clients were updated with the current model of the BIMx so that they could visualise the progression of their home’s design.

With this information, we began to build an extensive job pack ready for RCM to use throughout the installation.

The site had additional requirements for insurance and site safety which RCM met, enabling us to start the project. The insurance was needed to allow us access through the developer’s site as there was no public access.

Stage 2

As we started the 1st fix stage of the job it was necessary to bring in our own generator as the anticipated power supply was not available to us. This actioned ensured that the completion of the client’s project was not delayed.

RCM arranged the water mains infrastructure for the site, to enable our project to be connected in time. This could have been comprimised due to the remaining plots not being handed over to 3rd parties for finishing.

We worked alongside the main developer to get the finish outside complete while we were finishing the internals (our project).

Access was tight on this job, but thanks to all parties we managed to get by and get on with the work.

Plumbing and electrical works was one of the first jobs to be started, along with the client’s appointed subcontractor to do the air source heat pump/air circulation unit.

Once this work was complete, the stud walls were erected ready for the insulation to be installed, which had to meet current regs for the building inspectors to sign the job off through its stages.

Then the insulation was finished and the concreting to the ground floor was complete.

As soon as the concrete was ok to work from, the wet underfloor heating was installed to all the ground floor areas.

After the underfloor was tested and good for us to work from, we screeded the ground floor, plaster boarded all walls and plastered the project ready for the 2nd fix stage.

Stage 3

The 2nd fix stage of the project had many tasks to complete, such as carpentry, plumbing and electrics.

When these, and the tiling, were finished, the decorator was able to start the project at the top and work his way down through the building.

Electrical controls where installed for the heating and security system using Honeywell Evohome, please see our manufactures area for more details under controls.

All the works had to be tested without having the water or electrics connected to the property, which was challenging at times.

As the job drew to a close, we managed to get the water mains live to the property.

Finally, on the penultimate day we got the electrical meter installed, which enabled us to test and finish the 2nd fixing.

Stage 4

At the finishing stage, all paperwork was complete and any remedial works carried out. The whole site was then cleared and a cleaning company employed to finish off to a high professional standard.

Stage 5

On completion of the job, all necessary warranties came into play and the RCM team were on hand for any queries or issues.

For further details regarding any of the above, please refer to RCM Contractors on our website.

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